Information overload? Who wants pie…

You know when your computer is acting kind of sluggish and you think that the memory must be too full and you go and check your C drive and see that little pink slice of pie showing what space is actually used?

That’s what my brain feels like.

They say that we only use about 10% of our brain capacity. My 10% is full today. Decided this week to take on learning Photoshop— on top of my daily consulting work, keeping up with facebook, webinars, building a website, monitoring tweets, blogs, google analytics, and news feeds, comparing the droid to the iphone and BP.  I’m on information overload. And it’s not just me. Everyone is feeling it. There’s a reason that Farmville has 83.75 million monthly active users. People need a break from information. They just can’t fit anymore of it in.

The point I want to make here while I am eating up a little of your slice of brain pie, is that people are on information overload and if you want your company’s message to cut through 4 and 20 twitterbirds, it needs to be more targeted and engaging than ever before.

who wants pie?

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About Holly Wolfe

Independent Marketing Consultant, Business Strategist, Lover of cats- especially ones wearing things on their heads.
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